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Create and configure visualization blocks

Charts creation

There are two ways to add visualization blocks in your projects, from the block gallery or the canvas directly.

  1. Open the Block Gallery

  2. Expand the Visualizations section

  3. Drag and drop the visualization type you want to the canvas

  4. Connect the source that contains the data you want to visualize

From Canvas

  1. Go to the block that contains the data you want to visualize

  2. Click the + button at the bottom to create and connect a block.

  3. Scroll down to the visualizations section and click on the chart you want to add

  4. The visualization block will appear connected to the source on the canvas automatically

Now that your visualization block has been added, it’s time to configure it. Check the next section to learn how to do it.

Charts configuration

The visualization block configuration allows you to adapt it exactly to what you want. You can access the configuration.

  1. Select the block

  2. Open the Inspector panel

  3. Expand the Configuration section

  4. You will see all the settings available for the chart

Settings of each visualization type

Depending on the chart type the settings will be different, to know in detail the configuration of each chart check the dedicated page for each one:

Two axis charts

Other types

Single value

  • [Coming soon] Gauge
  • [Coming soon] Big number