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Embedding Visualization Blocks

You can share visualization blocks externally. There are 2 ways to share, in private mode so only users logged in to your Latitude workspace will be able to see it or in public mode, so anyone will be able to see it.

In the following sections, we review the sharing options and how to share in public mode.

Sharing options

  1. Go to the Canvas page

  2. Select the visualization block you want to share

  3. Click on the Share button at the top right to open the Sharing options window

  4. Check the Embed selection section

  5. In this section, you will see 2 options:

    1. Link to the selected block: the option to reference or embed the block in other tools like Notion.
    2. Embed selected block code: HTML code to include the chart in your website

☝ Users must be logged in to your Latitude workspace to see the visualization block. If you want that any user can see the chart, check the next section.

Public sharing

To allow any user to see your visualization block where you have embedded it, regardless of whether or not they are logged into your Latitude workspace, there is a setting for it.

  1. Go to the Sharing options window that we have opened (check the previous section)
  2. Check the last option ‘Share to web’
  3. Activate the toggle

☝ By activating the Share to web option, any user with access to the page where you have embedded the chart will be able to see it.