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Create and edit Views

The canvas helps to create the charts, but to visualize and share them easily and involve other people in the company a view page is more powerful.

Views are pages inside projects that only show visualizations and optionally filters to help you focus on getting insights or conclusions, so the data exploration blocks are not visible in visible.

Create views

To create views, you have to create charts on the Canvas. Here you can learn more about how to start using the Canvas

  1. Create the view page by clicking on the + icon near the Canvas at the top.

  2. Now on the view page, you will see a grid.

  3. Click on a square of the grid to add a block.

    The blocks allowed are: Visualization, Markdown text, Where filter and Variable blocks

  4. Once added you can:

    • Move the position by dragging and drop
    • Resize from the bottom right
  5. Done! It’s added to your view


☝ Pro tip: You can create views directly from the canvas following these steps

  1. Selects the blocks (visualization or where/markdown/variable) to add to the view.
  2. Use the command ctrl + c in Windows or cmd + c in macOS
  3. Use the command ctrl + v in Windows or cmd + v in macOS
  4. Done! A new view has been created with the selected blocks.

Filter data in views

Any change made from the view page in filter or variable blocks to filter the data displayed on your visualization blocks only affects that view and doesn't affect the canvas or other views.

However, for the moment, anyone with access to the view can modify it, and the changes will affect the rest, so changes in views are not personal.

Delete view blocks

Unlike in modifications, the deletion of blocks has some implications depending on where we do it. We have to differentiate between deleting from a view or deleting from the canvas.

Delete block from views

Delete a block from a view only takes effect on that view. If the same block is added to another view won’t modify anything; the original block will remain on the canvas.

Delete blocks from the Canvas

Delete a block from the canvas will delete it from all the views where it was added. An alert appears to inform you about this action to avoid accidentally deleting a block being used in views.

Rename and delete views

By default, the name is “View “ + a progressive number. You can rename views following these steps:

  1. Click on the arrow near the view name at the top of the page.
  2. A menu will appear with the options
  • Rename view
  • Delete view
  1. After clicking on Rename view a window will appear to modify the name. The delete view option takes effect immediately.