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Views are independent pages that allow you to easily consume and organize your data by adding the charts, tables, filters, and variables created in the Canvas page.

Creating Views

To create a view:

  • Go to a project
  • Click on the ➕ button at the top

Alternatively, you can create a view automatically by selecting the desired blocks on the canvas (hold shift ⇧ + click to multi-select) and then clicking on the ➕ button at the top.

Accessing Views

There are two ways to access your views:

  1. From the Project List → A direct link to Views will appear to the right of the project and on clicking it take you to the View page selected.

  2. From the Project → There is a navigation bar at the top that allow you to access the different views of the project.


Soon we will introduce the option to share your views publicly.

Editing Views

To edit a view:

  1. Go to the view
  2. Click on the Edit button in the top right corner

When you are finished editing the view, you can lock it to prevent unwanted changes and make it easier to consume your information.

You can add blocks to the view from the block gallery on the left side.

  1. Scroll to the block you want to add
  2. Drag and drop the block to the layout block on the right

The blocks available in views are those created on the canvas.

Layout Options

The layout of the view is based on rows that contain columns.

You can add blocks by dragging and dropping them to the desired location. Here's how to manage the layout to get the design you want:

  • Move rows → Move a row vertically above or below an existing row

  • New row → Move a block above or below an existing row to create a new row

  • New column → Move a block to the right or left of an existing column to create a new one

  • Append blocks to existing column → Move a block under another block to append it to the same column

  • Resize blocks → Drag and drop the handles of each block to change its width and height. Note that filters and variables have a fixed height; they grow vertically depending on their content.

Block Options

Each block has several options, some of which are only available when editing the view:

Edit mode:

  1. Move → To drag and drop a block and change its position
  2. Delete → To remove the block from the view. It will appear available again to add it from the block gallery on the left.
  3. Go to source block → Clicking this option will take you to the corresponding block on the canvas, allowing you to understand how data is being processed for a particular block.
  4. Edit → To change the content of text blocks

View mode:

  1. Refresh data → Updates the data of a chart.
  2. Reset values → Restores the original values defined in the edit mode for filters and variables.
  3. Go to source block → Same as Edit, but in View mode, just click on the block title. This option allows you to quickly navigate to the corresponding block on the canvas.