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Share Views

Get everyone on the same page, whether they're inside or outside your team. Share your views and let them know about your data.

To find out how views work you can take a look at the Views page.

How to share a view

  1. Go to the View you want to share
  2. Click on the Share button
  3. A window with the sharing options will appear

Sharing Options

  1. URL: The direction of your view. You can share it directly to open it in the browser. Also some tools like Notion detect the content and suggest an embed of your view.
  2. Embed code: Code that allows you to embed your view into your web. Any developer will know how to use it.
  3. Publish to web: If enabled, allows people outside and inside your Latitude workspace to see the view. Otherwise only people inside your workspace can access the view.

Custom Params in the URL

In Latitude you can force a specific view configuration of filters and variables by passing custom params through the URL

Add ?[block_name]=[value] to the end of the URL. You can use blocks added in views or not so blocks in the canvas also can also be sent as param. To concatenate multiple params separate them with &.

For example, if we have a filter called Date Subscription we could add ?Date+Subscription=2024-09-21 to force the default visualization of subscriptions from September 21, 2024 when accessing the URL.


  • Allow upper and lower case
  • Spaces are replaced by +
  • Don't use URL syntax with percentages like %20
  • Allow blocks from the canvas not added to the view and those in the view.