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Inspector panel

The inspector panel displays contextual information based on the block you select. It offers three sections: configuration, console and inspector, and an export dialog.

To open the inspector, click the vertical handle on the right-side panel, or click to select any block in the canvas. To close it, you can deselect the block clicking anywhere in the canvas.


Whenever you select a block that allows for some extra configuration—like with visualizations—you'll find the configuration section appear at the top of the inspector panel.


The console is where you'll find information about the last time a given block was run. We'll show you the date and time, how long it took, and whether it was successful or not. If it wasn't we'll also display the error that your database or data warehouse returned.

Additionally, if you click on the ▶ icon you'll be able to access the compiled query we're running, in case you need to do some debugging or just want to take your query somewhere else.


Here we'll display the results after running any block. The list is currently limited to 100 rows to make it faster and more responsive, but this is subject to change in the future.


The export dialog you'll find in the bottom left corner of the output section lets you to download the output of any block as CSV or Excel. In this case the query won't be limited to the first 100 rows.

You can leave the page while your CSV or Excel is generating, as you'll also receive a download link via email.