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What is a component?

Components are custom data sets where you can combine your data and perform transformations to reuse the result along your apps using a single block.

It's the perfect way to simplify and enhance your data. Components can help you to:

  • Reuse repetitive or complex SQL queries
  • Merge different data into a single source
  • Hide unnecessary columns for your data apps
  • Filter and curate the data with transformations
  • Add aggregations as a new columns that are automatically updated

The possibilities are endless for simplifying your data and the lives of the people who use your data.

Creating components

  1. Go to the Apps list

  2. Click on Components in the top left

  3. You will see the list of components

  4. Click on Create New to add a new component

  5. Now you will see the canvas of your component

The canvas of a component allows you to add data sources, transformations and variables. You will see a new block added called Output. All components need a final result which is what the ouput block will receive.


Remember to connect a result to the output block otherwise the component will appear empty


  • The query engine mode of the component is inherited from the data sources used in it. If all the sources used to build the component are in Source mode, the component will be in Source mode.

  • Any change in your component will be immediately reflected in the project where it is used.

  • The output of the component is the result of the block connected to the Output block.

Using components

Once you have connected a result to your component you are ready to use it.

  1. Go to the Apps list

  2. Enter on an app or create a new one

  3. Open the Block Gallery

  4. You will see a Components section in the first position. Here you can find the components created in your workspace.

  5. Drag and drop to the Canvas

  6. Done! You can use your component with curated data as a source