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The Zoho CRM connection allows you to bring to Latitude all the information of your CRM.

To add a new data source go to Settings > Data Sources > Add new data source and select ZohoCRM. Remember only admins can access worksapce settings. Let’s see how to make the connection:


  1. Once you have selected Zoho CRM, you will be taken to the Zoho sign-in page

  2. Select the Zoho Production account that contains the data you want to connect

  3. Click on Submit to give Latitude access to your Zoho CRM data

  4. You will be redirected to Latitude and the sync will start

  5. Once the sync finishes you can go to a canvas and add your ZohoCRM tables.


The first sync imports all the data at once, so it may take a long time. Please, be patient. After that, only the new data will be updated, which is much faster.