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Microsoft SQL Server

To add a new data source go to Settings > Data Sources > Add new data source and select Microsoft SQL Server. Remember only admins can access workspace settings.


  1. Fill in all the required fields
    • Name → (Required) The name you'll see for this source in Latitude. This doesn’t affect anything in your database.
    • Username → (Required) The user credentials to authenticate in your database.
    • Password → (Required) The password to authenticate in your database.
    • Host → (Required) The host for the database connection, which can be expressed as either an IP address like or a dns address like
    • Port → (Optional) The port number for the connection. In case you don’t have a port assigned. The default port is 1433.
    • Database → (Required) The exact name of the database that contains the data you want to sync.
    • Azure → (Required) Flag to indicate whether you are connecting to an instance of Azure SQL.

If your data source has a firewall, you can whitelist our static IP: