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To add a Snowflake data source to Latitude, you need the credentials to access your account and the account ID, warehouse, database and role name. Here's how to do it:


  1. Fill in all the required fields

    • Alias → The name you'll see for this source in Latitude. This doesn’t affect anything in your database.

    • Username → The username that you use to access Snowflake.

    • Password → The password that you use to access Snowflake.

    • Account ID → The ID of your Snowflake account. You have to use the following format: <your_id> + Check below how to get it.

      1. When you enter the Snowflake app, the URL will have the ID and the region.

      2. Depending on the console version you have, the position will be different:

        • New version:

        • Old version:

      3. If you have the old version, you have to format it to <your_id>.<region>. So in this case:

    • Warehouse → The name of the space where your database is included in Snowflake. You can go to Admin > Warehouses and you will see your warehouses. ☝️ Remember to use uppercase.

    • Database → The name of your database in Snowflake. You can go to Data > Databases to see your databases. ☝️ Remember to use uppercase.

    • Role → The name of the role configured in Snowflake to access your database. You can go to Admin > User and Roles > Roles to see your roles. ☝️ Remember to use uppercase.

  2. Save the configuration

  3. Now, it's time to check that everything was set up correctly. Go to a project, add your Snowflake data source and check that you get results.


If your data source has a firewall, you can whitelist our static IPs: and