Available sources and Configuration

These are the supported connections, go to their specific section to know the specific configuration of each one.

File Requirements and Directory Structure

  • Source Files: Must be .yaml or .yml.
  • Location: All source files should be placed in the queries directory. This includes being nested within any subdirectories under queries.
  • One Connection Per File: Each .yaml file represents a unique connection. Do not mix multiple connections in a single file.
  • Naming: Use the .yaml filename in your queries to reference the source.
  • Co-location: .sql query files and .yaml source files should all reside within the queries directory or its subdirectories.

Directory hierarchy and source discovery


You may organize your source files in subfolders within the queries directory. Example:

└── product/
    ├── active_users.sql
    └── snowflake_product.yaml

Source Resolution

Queries will utilize the closest source file in their directory hierarchy. If a source file isn’t found in the same directory, the query will search each parent directory until a source file is discovered. Example:

├── postgresql.yaml
├── subscriptions.sql
└── aggregations/
    └── total_subscriptions_by_country.sql

In this scenario, total_subscriptions_by_country.sql will use postgresql.yaml as its source since it doesn’t have a closer source file in its directory (aggregations).