In addition to your own source’s behaviour, you can configure how Latitude will handle the data in each specific query. This can be done by adding a config tag to the query itself. This keyword will not be included in the query that gets sent to your source, but it defines how Latitude will handle the data.


A config tag is defined as a key-value object in the query. Here’s an example:

{@config ttl = 3600} -- 1 hour of lifetime
{@config materialize = true} -- materialize the query
FROM my_table

Any @config value must be defined using a literal value, without any variables or expressions. Using variables or expressions will result in a syntax error.

Default configuration

If you want to set a default configuration for all the queries in a source, you can do so by adding a config object in the source schema. Go to Source additional configuration for more information.

Available options


The number of seconds that the data will be cached in the Latitude cache. If the data is older than the TTL, Latitude will fetch the data again from the source. If not set, the default TTL is infinite, so the only way to refresh the data is by actually sending a fetch request with the force flag. More information.


Set this value to true to materialize the query. More information.