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Google Analytics 4

To add a new GA4 data source go to Settings > Data Sources > Add new data source and select Google Analytics 4. Remember only admins can access workspace settings. Let’s see how to make the connection:

1. Configuration

Fill in the required fields:

You can find your Property in your Google Analytics 4 dashboard. It should be a 9 digits number.

2. Authentication

  1. Click on the Authenticate Google Analytics 4 button.

  2. Select or sign in with a Google account that has read-permission in the Google Analytics 4 property you want to fetch data from.

  3. Click on Allow to give Latitude access to your Google Analytics data.

  4. Once permissions have been granted, you will be redirected back to Latitude.

And you are done! Your Google Analytics 4 is connected to Latitude.


The first sync imports all the data at once, so it may take a long time. Please, be patient. After that, only the new data will be updated, which is much faster.