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To add a Bigquery data source to Latitude, you need to get the Project ID and upload the JSON Key File of the project that contains the data you want to add.

To add a new data source go to Settings > Data Sources > Add new data source and select Bigquery. Remember only admins can access worksapce settings. Let’s see how to make the connection:

Bigquery Configuration

  1. Fill in all the required fields.

  2. Click on Add Data Source to save the configuration.

  3. Now, it's time to check that everything was set up correctly. Go to a project, add an Athena data source and check that you get results.


If your data source has a firewall, you can whitelist our static IPs: and

Get the Project ID

  1. Go to Google Cloud Platform Console

  2. Make sure you are in the correct organization

    1. Click on Select a project

    2. Click on Select from and if you are in another organization select the correct one

  3. Check the Google Project that contains the data you want to sync. If you don't have any project check how to create a new Google Cloud Project

  4. The Project ID will appear under the name

Get the JSON Key File

  1. Go to the Service Accounts table inside your project. In case you don't have any Service Accounts table check how to create and configure a Google Service Account

  2. Click on the Actions column to see the options

  3. Click on Manage Keys

  4. You will see the list of Keys

  5. Click on Add Key

  6. Select JSON and click on Create

  7. Done! A download will start, this .json file is the one required to make the connection

Create a new Google Cloud project

  1. Go to the Service account list.

  2. Click on your organization or click directly on Create project

  3. If you are accessing through the organization click on New Project

  4. Fill in the fields and click on create

  5. Done! Your new project will appear on the list.

Create and configure a Google Service Account

  1. Go to Google Cloud Platform Console

  2. Click on the project

  3. Click on Create Service Account

  4. Fill in the fields and continue

    1. Service account name → A name to identify easily your account
    2. Service account ID → This field will is auto-populated based on your account name
    3. Service account description → A description to better understand the purpose of your account
  5. Add the following roles to grant access to the project

    • BigQuery Data Viewer
    • BigQuery Metadata Viewer
    • BigQuery Read Session User
    • BigQuery Job User
  6. We can skip the next step Grant users access to this service account, it’s not required.

  7. Done! Google Service Account created