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Navigating the canvas

If you've ever used a canvas-based interface like Figma or Miro, you'll find that Latitude works in a similar manner.

Zoom controls

In order to zoom in and out, you can pinch on your multitouch trackpad or you can use the visual controls at the bottom of the canvas. Here's how to control zoom using keyboard shortcuts:

+Zoom in
-Zoom out
Shift + 0Zoom to 100%
Shift + 1Zoom to fit
Shift + 2Zoom to selection

Moving around

You can move around the canvas by scrolling, by pressing Space + click to drag the canvas, or by using your mouse's middle button.

We also support navigation using the keyboard:

↑,→,↓,←Select and focus the next block in the selected direction. If you don't have a block already selected, we'll select and focus the one closer to the center of the current view.

Block management

You can click a block's top bar to select it, use Shift + click to do multiple selection or click and drag on the canvas to create a selection box.

Click and drag on a block's top bar to move it around.

Cmd + EnterRun all selected blocks and all of their children
Cmd + Alt + EnterRun all selected blocks and none of their children
Shift + ↑,→,↓,←Select and focus multiple blocks in any direction.
Alt + ↑,→,↓,←Move selected blocks 1 grid unit in any direction.
Alt + Shift + ↑,→,↓,←Move selected blocks 10 grid units in any direction.