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To add a MySQL data source, all you need is the credentials and info about the data you want to import.

To add a new data source go to Settings > Data Sources > Add new data source and select MySQL. Remember only admins can access worksapce settings. Let’s see how to make the connection:


  1. Fill in all the required fields

    • Alias → (Required) The name you'll see for this source in Latitude. This doesn’t affect anything in your database.
    • User → (Required) The user credentials to authenticate in your database.
    • Password → (Required) The password to authenticate in your database.
    • Host → (Required) The host for the database connection, which can be expressed as either an IP address like or a domain like
    • Port → (Required) The port number for the connection. In case you don’t have a port assigned the default port number of MySQL is 3306.
    • Database → (Required) The exact name of the database that contains the data you want to sync.
  2. Save the configuration

  3. Now, it's time to check that everything was set up correctly. Go to a project, add a MySQL data source and check that you get results.


If your data source has a firewall, you can whitelist our static IPs: and